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You are part of Melaleuca. Like you, we believe personal wellness is the key to a fulfilling life. We believe through physical, environmental, and financial wellness we can change our world—one customer at a time. Our products create life-changing wellness and generate residual income for you and thousands of families across North America. Welcome to Melaleuca!

  • Listen to CEO Frank VanderSloot welcome you to Melaleuca, and to the Melaleuca family.

1 Discover Your "Why"

  • Corporate Director 9, Ed Bestoso

  • National Director 9, Heidi Bartolotta

  • Corporate Director 8, Rafael Rojas

Additional Trainings

  • Executive Director 3 Linux Woo shares the importance of having a strong WHY to be successful in building a Melaleuca business, which enhanced his and his family’s lives

  • Getting Started the Right Way - National Director 9 Heidi Bartolotta

2 Team up with your enroller and create Your Strategy for Success

3 Building Your Contact List (Critical Activity 1)

  • Expand your Network - National Director Jen Sebbas and Executive Director 4 Molly Pretzlaff

  • National Director 3 Beth Schomp talks about "Discover new ways to Build Your Contact List."

  • How to build with Power and Posture with Executive Director 4 Courtney Martin

  • Building your Contact List – National Director 9 Brooke Paulin

  • Executive Director 5 Amanda Chen - Expand Your Network: Who Can You Help?

  • Keep Building Your Contact List — Executive Director 6

Additional Trainings

  • Listen to National Director 4 Yvette Zona "Introducing Melaleuca to Others."

  • Listen to Executive Director 6 Stacy Bodnar, "Expand Your Network."

  • Contact list & Memory Jogger

4 Making Approaches and Setting Appointments (Critical Activity 2)

  • Overcoming Objections – National Director 7 Sandie Siemens

  • Watch Corporate Director 3 Mark Atha talk about “Setting Appointments.”

  • The Power of a Phone Call — Executive Director 5 Amanda Chen

  • The Power of 20 Calls a Week — Executive Director 6 Bruce Lin

  • Mastering Critical Activities 1 & 2 — Corporate Director 8 Rafael Rojas

  • Set Appointments — National Director 9 Brooke Paulin

  • How to set Effective Appointments — National Director 3 Maria Mosca

  • The Power of 20 Calls by CD8 Rafael Rojas

  • Social Media Training by Kevin Sommer-Senior VP of Business Development

  • National Directors 5, Suzy & Steve Maier

  • National Director 6, Stacy Fiske

  • Your Approach Mindset. Corporate Director 3 Mark Atha explains that when you believe in Melaleuca's mission of helping others, approaching other consistently becomes a part of who you are.

Additional Trainings

5 Sharing the Melaleuca Overview (Critical Activity 3)

  • Listen to Executive Director 6 Stacy Fiske train on "Doing an Effective Presentation."

  • Present Like A Pro — National Director 3 Maria Mosca

  • The Power of Words — National Director 7 Sandie Siemen

  • Mastering Critical Activities 1, 2 & 3 — National Director 3 Maria Mosca

  • Executive Director 6 Captain Chandra Mohan — Present Like A Pro

  • Work harder and enroll faster with in-home presentations— National Director 3, Maria Mosca

Additional Training

  • Executive Director 6 Stacy Bodnar talks about “Doing Effective In-Home Presentations.”

  • National Director 9 Jason Paulin discusses how to improve presenting "Melaleuca: An Overview."

6 Doing a Strategy Session (Critical Activity 4)

  • Developing Leaders. Strategy sessions that rock with National Director 9 Jason Paulin

  • Holding an effective Strategy Session with Corporate Director 2 John Dufner

  • The Strategy Session - LIA (Pages 22 & 23 only)

  • Effective Strategy Sessions — National Director 2 Eric Toh

  • Developing Leadership — Executive Director 6 Bruce Lin

  • Strategies for Healthy Retention — Executive Director 3 Elyn Ong

  • Road to Senior Director — Executive Director 6 Bruce Lin

  • Executive Director 3 Janice Hoh — An Effective Strategy for Getting Started

Additional Trainings

  • National Director 3, Jen Sebbas ″Learn how to do High-Touch Strategy Sessions & Customer Followup″

  • Jason Paulin ″Fortune is in the Followup″

Critical Activity 5 - Celebrate Success

Critical Activity 6 - Participate in Fast Track

  • Transform Your Business With Fast Track – Corporate Director 7 Alan Pariser

Critical Activity 7 - Lead By Example

  • Leading with Purpose - National Director 6 Dave Crescenzo

  • Building with a champion mindset with Executive Director 9 Bonnie Wright

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