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This delicate oil provides an uplifting and wonderfully sweet floral aroma. Each bottle requires roughly 200,000 freshly picked rose petals, providing you with the purest oil.

Innovative premium foundation with a triple function formula reduces appearance of wrinkles, whitens skin and protects against harmful UV rays. Medium to high coverage.

Caring for Delicate Skin, Makes It Easier for Your Newborn’s Skin

Koala Pals<sup>®</sup> Yogurt Powder<span style="color:#990000;font-weight:600;"> Save RM19.50</span>
Size: 1 product Item: 5079

Koala Pals® Yogurt Powder contains Probiotics and Prebiotics to safeguard your children’s digestive health and immunity.

Lemon Brite + Harvest Pure<span style="color:#990000;font-weight:600;"> Save RM8.10</span>
Size: 2 products Item: 6696

You can always trust on Lemon Brite and Harvest Pure for keeping your dishes and fruits and vegetables clean.

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