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  • Proflex Protein Shake Twin Pack

    Proflex Protein Shake Twin Pack

    Packed with 20 grams of milk protein per serving in a delicious Vanilla flavor, it's the perfect way to fuel cells, regulate body weight, and stay in control of your health.

    Save RM55.00
    RM183.00 Promotion RM238.00 Member
    11 Points

  • Triplex Juice Twin Pack

    Triplex Juice Twin Pack

    Made with pure Hawaiian Noni Fruit processed to preserve its nutrients, blended with 11 fruit juices for a delicious and healthful drink. Elevate your health with each sip.

    Save RM74.50
    RM249.50 Promotion RM324.00 Member
    20 Points

  • Oxycore Snow Pear Drink Twin Pack

    Oxycore Snow Pear Drink Twin Pack

    Packed with young snow pear juice and traditional botanicals, each sachet offers a sweet and refreshing throat-soothing experience while supporting respiratory health.

    Save RM32.70
    RM109.30 Promotion RM142.00 Member
    9 Points

  • PreSpot 4x Laundry Stain Remover Twin Pack

    PreSpot 4x Laundry Stain Remover Twin Pack

    Experience the wonders of PreSpot 4x—powerful laundry stain remover, fueled by natural enzymes. Say goodbye to tough stains like grass, tomato sauce, oil, and blood with ease.

    Save RM15.00
    RM 50.00 Promotion RM 65.00 Member
    5 Points

  • Lemon Brite Triple Pack

    Lemon Brite Triple Pack

    Powered by biodegradable, naturally derived grease-cutting agents, this ultra-concentrated dish detergent swiftly breaks down food, saving you valuable scrubbing time at the sink.

    Save RM11.50
    RM38.00 Promotion RM49.50 Member
    3 Points

  • Breath-Away Mouth Rinse-Fresh Mint Twin Pack

    Breath-Away Mouth Rinse-Fresh Mint Twin Pack

    Cleanse, freshen breath, and fight plaque when used as directed. Its effective formula reaches between teeth and along the gum line for a fresh and healthy mouth.

    Save RM12.00
    RM40.00 Promotion RM52.00 Member
    4 Points

  • Green Tea Body Shampoo Twin Pack

    Green Tea Body Shampoo Twin Pack

    Cleanses, conditions, and hydrates with eight natural botanical extracts for luxurious skincare. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating shower experience.

    Save RM26.70
    RM89.30 Promotion RM116.00 Member
    8 Points

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