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Time-Tested Oils

Essential oils aren’t a new phenomenon (although it can feel that way since they’ve seen a resurgence in popularity). In fact, natural plant essences have been used across cultures for thousands of years!

Nature's Solution

Essential oils are extracted directly from natural plant sources around the world—no deciphering an ingredient label packed with fillers, synthetics, or harsh chemicals. Instead, every essential oil contains natural biochemicals called components (also called “constituents”) that give them their unique benefits. These not only influence the aroma of your favorite oils, but also the way they make you feel when you use them.

Let's Talk Benefits

Relax. Energize. Invigorate. Essential oils have properties that are unique to the plant they were extracted from. These concentrated natural essences can complement your healthy lifestyle in a variety of ways:

  • Mood

    Inspire a positive emotional state. Don’t you love the way the fragrance from a fresh orange peel brightens your day? Each essential oil’s complex and unique scent triggers pleasant mood and memories.
  • Energy

    Enhance your energy wellbeing. When used topically, essential oils can help with feelings of tension or invigorate your skin care routine. Here are some great examples from our core collection!

  • Environmental

    Refresh your home. Safe, effective, and 100% natural! Essential oils are a great way to freshen your environment. We love using citrus oils everyday.

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